The erotic stories of Kysa Braswell in topics like bestiality as in A Girl and Her Horse as well stories abc free sex stories Kysa Braswell

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Kysa's Stories

A Big Surprise for Wife A Big Surprise for Wife (MM/f, wife, cheat, gang?)
A Cousin To Sleep With A Cousin To Sleep With (M/f, teen, size, cons)
A Cuckolded Husband Writes A Cuckolded Husband Writes (M/f, cuck, hum)
A Cuckold's Letter to Kysa A Cuckold's Letter to Kysa (f/M, d/s, cuck)
A Cuckold's Life A Cuckold's Life (Mm/F, cuck, size, hum)
A Fanatic for Girls' Volleyball A Fanatic for Girls' Volleyball (M/f+, size, ped, cons)
A Fantasy Gets Out of Hand A Fantasy Gets Out of Hand (M/F, size, ir, cuck, hum)
A Gift for Kysa A Gift for Kysa (M/f, size, ir, cuck)
A Girl and Her Horse A Girl and Her Horse (fF/m, viol, best, size, teen)
A Good Day to Fuck A Good Day to Fuck (Mm+/Ff, inc, size, teen)
A Killer Cock A Killer Cock (M/Ff+, teen, size, preg)
A Monstrous Rapist A Monstrous Rapist (M/F, rape, size, cuck)
A Mother's Sin A Mother's Sin (F/m, inc, ws, cons)
A Mother's Weakness A Mother's Weakness (FFf/Mm+, inc, size, anal)
A New Sensation A New Sensation (MFF/m, size, cuck, hum)
A Rape of Justice A Rape of Justice (M+/FF, gang, rape, tort)
A Sadistic Gang Rape A Sadistic Gang Rape (M/F, nc, ir, size, preg)
A Sexual Feast A Sexual Feast (M+/FF, size, orgy, rough)
A Size Queen Explains Why A Size Queen Explains Why (M+/F, size, cuck)
A Stud is Born A Stud is Born (M/Ff, inc, swap, size, ped)
A Tale of Brotherly Love A Tale of Brotherly Love (m/f, rom, inc, cons, preg)
A True Cuckold A True Cuckold (F/M+, ir, size, cuck, preg)
A Wife Driven to Cheat A Wife Driven to Cheat (M+/FF, cheat, rape, best)
A Wife's Lewd Hunger A Wife's Lewd Hunger (M/F, ir, size, wife, preg?)
A Writer's Passion A Writer's Passion (M/f+, ped, size, cons)
After School Slut After School Slut (M+/f, teen, slut, size)
Ain't That a Kink Ain't That a Kink (F/m, inc, size, oral, ws)
All She Wanted All She Wanted (M+/F, seduction, size, anal)
All the Hung Horses All the Hung Horses (fF, best, teen, size queen, slut)
An Inside View An Inside View (Mm/Ff, inc, size, anal, oral)
An Ironic Wife An Ironic Wife (F/M+, gang, ir, size, preg)
Animal Slut Bride Animal Slut Bride (M+/FF, best, size, anal)
Anya's a Prick Tease Anya's a Prick Tease (M/F, ir, size, preg)
Arla Likes Big and Black Arla Likes Big and Black (m+/ff, ir, size, ped-teen, preg?)
Ass Breakers Ass Breakers (MF+/f, size, sad, nc, bd)
Ass Slut Ass Slut (M+/FF, oral, anal, slut)
Attitude Adjustments Attitude Adjustments (M+/Ff, inc, ws, copr)
Baby Making Brother Baby Making Brother (Fm/f, inc, teen, preg)
Baby Training Baby Training (Mmm/f, inc, teen, cons, preg)
Bang the Teen Slowly Bang the Teen Slowly (Mm/Ff, teen, size, best)
Banging Anna's Ass Banging Anna's Ass (FF/M+, bi, anal)
Banging the Cheerleaders Banging the Cheerleaders (Mm+/f+, teen, size, gang)
Bare-assed Niece Bare-assed Niece (Mm+/Ff, inc, size, teen)
Beating His Wife's Ass Beating His Wife's Ass (M/F, nc, spank, pain)
Beautiful Son Beautiful Son (F/m, inc, size, anal)
Between Husband and Wife Between Husband and Wife (M+/F+, inc, blackmail)
Big Cunted Wife Big Cunted Wife (F/M+, wife, size, whore)
Big Swinging Dick Big Swinging Dick (M/f, teen, size, voy)
Birthday Babies Birthday Babies (M/f, inc, ped, preg, cons)
Black and Cocky Black and Cocky (m/f,F oral, ir, size, preg?)
Black Lust Black Lust (M/F, ir, wife, cheat, whore)
Blacking the College Girl Blacking the College Girl (M+/F, wc, ir, size)
Blackmailed Navy Wife Blackmailed Navy Wife (M+/FF, nc, size, anal, blackmail)
Bondage 101 Bondage 101 (M+/F+, bdsm, cons)
Brandi and Carol: True Friends Brandi and Carol: True Friends (M+/f, oral, size, cheerleaders)
Breaking Her In Breaking Her In (f/M+, inc, size, teen)
Breaking in a Virgin Breaking in a Virgin (M+/f, bd, rape, 1st)
Breast Size vs. Cock Size Breast Size vs. Cock Size (M/Ff, size, d/s, hum)
Breeding Her Daughter Breeding Her Daughter (M/f, nc, teen, preg)
Bridal Cum Showers Bridal Cum Showers (M+/F+, inc, oral, anal)
Bring the Pain Bring the Pain (M/f, teen, spank, anal)
Brotherly Love Brotherly Love (M/f, inc, ped, cons, ws)
Built to Fuck Built to Fuck (Mm/Ff, inc, oral, anal)
Busting 'em Young Busting 'em Young (MM/Ff, bi, inc, s/m)
Busting the Babysitter's Ass Busting the Babysitter's Ass (Mm/Ff, anal, teen, size)
Caning the Schoolgirls Caning the Schoolgirls (M/f+, teen, lez, spank)
Can't Get Enough Black Cock Can't Get Enough Black Cock (M+/F, ir, size, preg, cuck)
Carol Brazil vs. the Rape Gang Carol Brazil vs. the Rape Gang (M+/f, oral, size, rape, viol)
Cheating Bitch Cheating Bitch (M+/F, oral, anal, size)
Cheating Raped Wife Cheating Raped Wife (M+/Fff, nc, size, cheat, anal)
Cherry Bombs Cherry Bombs (Mm/Ff, teen, inc, anal)
Cock Fear Cock Fear (Mm/f, inc, size, ped, cons)
Cock of the Rock Cock of the Rock (M+/Ff+, teen, inc, size)
Cockteasing Teen Cockteasing Teen (M/f, teen, inc, cum)
Cock-whipped Wife Cock-whipped Wife (M+/F, slut, anal, spank)
College Girls Suck College Girls Suck (MM/ff, late teen, oral, anal)
Corporate Lez Corporate Lez (FF, les, 1st)
Country Girl Fever Country Girl Fever (Mm/Ff, inc, bi, anal, size)
Craving in Lust Craving in Lust (M/f, best, nc, oral)
Crossing Over Crossing Over (M+/f+, best, size, rel)
Cry Rape Cry Rape (M+/Ff, rape, anal, size)
Cum-slut Nieces Cum-slut Nieces (Mmm/ff, inc, ped, cons)
Daddy Beats Daughter's Ass Daddy Beats Daughter's Ass (M/f, spanking, size, hum)
Daddy Needs His Girl Daddy Needs His Girl (M/f, inc, ped, preg?)
Daddy Needs to Rape Daddy Needs to Rape (M/Ff, inc, oral, rape)
Daddy's Horny Girls Daddy's Horny Girls (M/ff, cons, pedo, inc)
Daddy's Little Lover Daddy's Little Lover (M/f, inc, size, oral, cons)
Daddy's Little Lover Daddy's Little Lover (M/f, inc, ped, size, cons)
Dad's Huge Prick Dad's Huge Prick (M/F, size, inc, teen, cons)
Daughter for Sale and Breeding Daughter for Sale and Breeding (M+/f+, ped, inc, preg)
Daughter Learns from Dad Daughter Learns from Dad (M/f, inc, lac, preg)
Daughter Takes On Daddy Daughter Takes On Daddy (M/f, inc, teen, preg, cons)
Deceived Bride Deceived Bride (M/F, ir, nc)
Degenerate Daughter Degenerate Daughter (MM/Ff, inc, oral, cons)
Demanding Daughter Demanding Daughter (Mm/f, inc, ped, preg)
Dependable Dad Dependable Dad (Mm/f+, ped, cons, preg)
Depraved Blackmailers Depraved Blackmailers (Mm+/Ff+, size, rape, anal)
Dirty Deeds Dirty Deeds (Mm/Ff, inc, teen, anal)
Discovering Mom Discovering Mom (F/m, inc, oral, cons)
Doesn't Get Any Better Doesn't Get Any Better (Mm/ff, inc, ped, preg)
Dog-Loving Daughter Dog-Loving Daughter (f/M, best, ped, inc)
Double-slut Twins Double-slut Twins (M/ff, size, oral, cons)
Drug Slut Drug Slut (M+/ff, teen, drugs, anal)
Drugged and Fucked Drugged and Fucked (Mm+/ff, teen, inc, size, nc)
Easy Wife, Slut Daughter Easy Wife, Slut Daughter (M+/Ff, teen, size, anal, slut)
Erotic Fiction Resources Erotic Fiction Resources (REFERENCE)
Erotic Keyword List Erotic Keyword List (REFERENCE)
Everyday Girl Everyday Girl (M+/ff, teen, anal, slut)
Extreme Daughter Extreme Daughter (M/f, inc, teen, anal)
Falling for Cocks Falling for Cocks (M+/Ff, size, inc, slut)
Family Cums First Family Cums First (Mm+/Ff+, inc, intergen, bi)
Family Fuck Buffet Family Fuck Buffet (Mm/Ff, inc, size, cum, cons)
Family Fuckfest Family Fuckfest (Ff+/mm, inc, size, creampie)
Family Gone Wild Family Gone Wild (Mm/Ff, inc, size, cons)
Family Relations Family Relations (Mm/Ff, inc, cons, size)
Father's Day Father's Day (MM/ff, ped, inc, oral, exhib)
Finally I Fucked Mom Finally I Fucked Mom (M/F, inc, fantasy)
Finding a Stud is Hard Finding a Stud is Hard (F/M, size)
Finding Her Bliss Finding Her Bliss (M+/Ff, teen, 1st, mom)
Finding Studs for My Wife Finding Studs for My Wife (M/f, size, ir, hum, preg?)
First Date, First Cock First Date, First Cock (M/f, size, teen, oral, 1st)
First Mother, Then Daughter First Mother, Then Daughter (M+/Ff, teen, size, best)
Forbidden Acts Forbidden Acts (Mm/Ff, size, inc, rape)
Forcing Mom to Fuck Forcing Mom to Fuck (F/m+, teen, inc, anal)
Foreskin Whore Foreskin Whore (MF, wife, size)
Free to Fuck Sis Free to Fuck Sis (fF/Mm, inc, teen, anal)
Fuck Them All Fuck Them All (Fm+/ff, teen, oral, anal)
Fucking in Front of Hubby Fucking in Front of Hubby (M+/F, size, hum, cuck)
Fucking My Girls Fucking My Girls (M+/Fff, inc, teen, size)
Fucking Uncle Jeb Fucking Uncle Jeb (M+/F, inc, size, cons)
Fumbling Toward Ecstasy Fumbling Toward Ecstasy (Mm+/Ff+, inc, size, anal)
Ga Ga Over Mom Ga Ga Over Mom (F/mm, inc, oral, cons)
Genetic Appreciation Genetic Appreciation (M/f+, ped, inc, size, preg)
Getting Back at Sis Getting Back at Sis (mm/f, inc, nc, pain)
Getting Their Kicks Getting Their Kicks (Mm/Ff, inc, anal, blackmail)
Growing Up and Out Growing Up and Out (MFm/f, ped, inc, cons, ws, preg)
Growing Up Fast Growing Up Fast (Mm+/f+, teen, cons)
Halfway House Rape Halfway House Rape (M+/F, ir, rape, preg)
Helping Her Dad Helping Her Dad (Mm/Ff, teen, inc, anal)
Her Dirty Little Secret Life Her Dirty Little Secret Life (M/F, size, cuck, rough, preg)
Her Dog Days Her Dog Days (f, best, oral, cons)
Her Ever-Parted Thighs Her Ever-Parted Thighs (Mm/Ff, inc, size, teen, rel)
Her Husband's Best Friend Her Husband's Best Friend (M/F, size, rel, cheat)
Her Son's Training Her Son's Training (m/FFf, teen, inc, size)
Her Year of Reading Proust Her Year of Reading Proust (M+/f, teen, size, blackmail)
Hickville Fuckers Hickville Fuckers (Mm+/Ff, best, anal, size)
His Mother Knew Best His Mother Knew Best (F/m, inc, teen, 1st, cons)
Homespun Fucking Homespun Fucking (Mm/Ff, inc, size, teen cons)
Horn Dogs Horn Dogs (MM/ff, inc, best, anal)
Horny Fucking Teacher Horny Fucking Teacher (F/Mm+, teen, nc, size)
Horny Teen Girls Horny Teen Girls (M/f+, teen, cons)
Horse Fever Horse Fever (MFff, teen, best, size)
Horse Lovin' Babe Horse Lovin' Babe (M/F, size, best)
Horse Loving Teens Horse Loving Teens (Fff, best, virgin, size, teen)
Hot Young Neighbors Hot Young Neighbors (MM/Ff+, ped, size)
How I Met Kysa Braswell How I Met Kysa Braswell (TRUE, M/F, size, rom)
If It Bleeds, It Leads If It Bleeds, It Leads (M+/ff, teen, ped, 1st)
Impregnated by My Big Brother Impregnated by My Big Brother (M/f, virgin, inc, size, nc, preg+)
Impregnating My Alien Impregnating My Alien (M/FF, alien, preg, fantasy)
Incest is Best Incest is Best (Mm/f+, inc, preg)
Inside Family Trading Inside Family Trading (Mm/Ff, inc, size, anal)
Intimate with Animals Intimate with Animals (F/m, inc, best, size)
Irreverent Fucker Irreverent Fucker (F/m, cons, size)
It's a Fucking Robot! It's a Fucking Robot! (M+/F+, robot, rel, cons)
It's a Girl Thing It's a Girl Thing (ff+, best, size, anal)
It's All Wrong It's All Wrong (MM/FF, bi, rel, swap, anal)
Jenny's Schoolgirl Training Jenny's Schoolgirl Training (M/F, cons, pain, hum, rape)
Keep Her Cumming Keep Her Cumming (MM/ff, teen, size, inc, best)
Kidnapped and Forced to Breed Kidnapped and Forced to Breed (M+/F, size, ir, nc, preg)
Kids Will Be Kids Kids Will Be Kids (m+/f+, teen, gang, anal)
Kinky, Version 1.0 Kinky, Version 1.0 (M/f+, ped, inc, preg)
Kinky, Version 2.0 Kinky, Version 2.0 (Ff/M+, ir, best, anal, kink)
Kysa and Her Boyfriend's Dog Kysa and Her Boyfriend's Dog (Best/f, exper, size)
Kysa and the Black Bikers Kysa and the Black Bikers (M+/F, ir, size, cons)
Kysa and the Gang Kysa and the Gang (Mm+/F, ir, size, cuck)
Kysa and the Hung Teenager Kysa and the Hung Teenager (m/F, size, cons, pain)
Kysa Buys a Breeding Buck Kysa Buys a Breeding Buck (F/M, ir, d/s, size, preg)
Kysa Horses Around Kysa Horses Around (Ff/Best, size, cum, mast)
Kysa Learns about Sex Kysa Learns about Sex (MM/f, inc, size, rel, 1st)
Kysa Pays Off a Debt Kysa Pays Off a Debt (M+/fF, abuse, hum, ir, preg)
Kysa Takes a Dive Kysa Takes a Dive (M+/F, oral, orgy, size, hubris)
Kysa, the Blowjob Girl Kysa, the Blowjob Girl (Mm+/f, oral)
Kysa's Addiction Kysa's Addiction (M+/f, slut, teen, anal, inc)
Kysa's Big Black Surprise Kysa's Big Black Surprise (MM/F, ir, size)
Kysa's Big Tits Kysa's Big Tits (M/F, breast, size, oral)
Kysa's Blacking Party Kysa's Blacking Party (M/f, 1st, ir, size, cons)
Kysa's Boyfriend Finds Out Kysa's Boyfriend Finds Out (MM/f, cons, ir, size)
Kysa's Cuckolded Husband Kysa's Cuckolded Husband (M+/F, size, cuck)
Kysa's Darkest Fantasy Kysa's Darkest Fantasy (M+/F, sadism, rape, preg)
Kysa's First Black Baby Kysa's First Black Baby (M/F, ir, size, cuck, preg)
Kysa's First Black Rape Kysa's First Black Rape (M/f, ir, rape, reluc, size)
Kysa's Hung Black Brother Kysa's Hung Black Brother (Mm/Ff, ir, size, oral)
Kysa's Little Brother Kysa's Little Brother (M/Ff, size, ir, cons, intergen)
Kysa's Mom Spanks HARD Kysa's Mom Spanks HARD (TRUE, F/f, spank, hum)
Kysa's Raping Kysa's Raping (MM/f, ir, size, cons, preg?)
Kysa's Views on Penis Size Kysa's Views on Penis Size (TRUE, size, F)
Kysa's Wedding Present Kysa's Wedding Present (M/f, size, ir, cons, preg)
Las Vegas Affair Las Vegas Affair (M/f, size, rom, cons)
Learning Before College Learning Before College (m/f+, inc, bi, anal, pee)
Learning the Hard Way Learning the Hard Way (M/F, oral, anal)
Learning the Hard Way Learning the Hard Way (M+/f, hum, spank, sub)
Learning the Ropes Learning the Ropes (M+/f, 1st, drug, gang)
Let the Wife Beware Let the Wife Beware (M+/F, size, best, blackmail)
Letter: A Personal Experience Letter: A Personal Experience (M/Ff, size, ir, cons)
Letter: Kysa's Future Children Letter: Kysa's Future Children (M/f, size, ir, preg, fantasy)
Letter: On Interracial Sex Letter: On Interracial Sex (M/f, fantasy, ir, size)
Letters to My Dark Lovers Letters to My Dark Lovers (M/f, size, ir, cons)
Letters to Rita, Kysa's Mom Letters to Rita, Kysa's Mom (M+/F, size, ir, cons, fantasy)
License to Rape License to Rape (M/f, rape, ped, size, oral)
Life in the Country Life in the Country (M+/F+, size, best, preg)
Little Girls, Big Breasts Little Girls, Big Breasts (Mm+/ff, dog, teen, inc, anal)
Lolita Dara Lolita Dara (M+/Ff, teen, size, inc)
Long May You Rape Long May You Rape (M+/Ff, teen, inc, nc)
Look Who's Fucking Whom Look Who's Fucking Whom (F/m+, inc, cons)
Losing My Wife to Him Losing My Wife to Him (M/F, reluc, ir, size, cuck)
Lost Bet Lost Wife Lost Bet Lost Wife (MM/F, ir, size, blackmail)
Love the One You're With Love the One You're With (M/F, inc, reluc)
Loyal to Mom Loyal to Mom (F/m, inc, size, preg?)
Luring His Daughter Luring His Daughter (M/f, inc, teen, breast)
Making Babies for Daddy Making Babies for Daddy (MF/f, size, ped, preg, cons)
Making My Compromises Making My Compromises (F+, lez, anal, oral, cons)
Making My Sister Pregnant Making My Sister Pregnant (M/f, inc, size, preg)
Marriage American Style Marriage American Style (M+/F+, inc, bi, anal, best)
Max Power, Cocksman Max Power, Cocksman (M+/F+, size, oral, anal)
Maximum Slut Maximum Slut (M+/F+, ir, size, teen)
Meeting My Match Meeting My Match (M/f, teen, mast, cons)
Milk of Mother Milk of Mother (F/m, inc, size, lac, preg)
Molesting Daddy Molesting Daddy (M+/ff, ped, inc, cons)
Mom Breaks in Daughter Mom Breaks in Daughter (M/f, teen, ir, size, virgin)
Mom Fucks the Negro Help Mom Fucks the Negro Help (MM/F, ir, size, preg, rape?)
Mom Takes It Black Mom Takes It Black (M/F, ir, size, rel)
Momma's Boy Momma's Boy (Ff/M+m, inc, size, rape)
Mommy Gets Raped Mommy Gets Raped (M+/Ff+, inc, rape, anal)
Mom's Gotta Have It Mom's Gotta Have It (F/m, inc, oral, ws, anal)
Mom's in Heat Mom's in Heat (F/Mm, inc, size, cons)
Mom's Love of Dogs Mom's Love of Dogs (Mm/Ff, inc, best, size)
Mom's Sweet Memory Mom's Sweet Memory (M+/Ff, ir, size, cons)
Money Can't Buy It Money Can't Buy It (Fff/Mm, best, inc, anal, preg)
My Big Daddy My Big Daddy (M/f, inc, cons, size, preg)
My Black Neighbor My Black Neighbor (M/F, ir, size, cheat, preg)
My Daughter's Wish My Daughter's Wish (M/f, inc, size, preg)
My First Meeting with Kysa My First Meeting with Kysa (M/f, rom, cons)
My First Time with a Boy My First Time with a Boy (TRUE, m/f, virgin, size, oral)
My Game Cousin My Game Cousin (MM/ff, teen, size, 1st)
My Kysa Complex: A novel My Kysa Complex: A novel (Mm/f, rom, obsession, ped-teen)
My Little Suck Slut Wife My Little Suck Slut Wife (M/F, size, cum)
My Mom's a Slut My Mom's a Slut (M+/F+, gang, inc, anal)
My Mother, Her Clit, and Me My Mother, Her Clit, and Me (F/M, inc, teen, size, ws, anal)
My Neighbor, My Slut My Neighbor, My Slut (Mm/ff, teen, inc, size, slut)
My Pregnant Friend My Pregnant Friend (M/F, lac, preg)
My Sister's a Slut My Sister's a Slut (M/f, teen, inc, size, anal)
My Size Queen Conversion My Size Queen Conversion (M/F, cons, size)
My Slut Kysa My Slut Kysa (M+/F, ir, size, rough, preg)
My Wife the Slut My Wife the Slut (M+/FF, size, wife, cons)
Naked Cabin Girl Naked Cabin Girl (TRUE, M/F, size, oral)
Naked Curiosities Naked Curiosities (Mm+/F+, teen, cheat, inc)
Nasty Sister Nasty Sister (M+/F+, inc, size, cons)
Near and Naked Near and Naked (M+/F+, teen, inc, anal)
New Girl at School New Girl at School (M/f, teen, gang, slut)
New Meat New Meat (M+/Ff+, teen, inc, gang)
Niece Loves Creampies Niece Loves Creampies (M/f, inc, teen, size, preg)
Oh, Brother! Oh, Brother! (Mm/f, inc, preg, cons)
Old Times Old Times (F/m, inc, teen, cons)
On Vacation From Husband On Vacation From Husband (M+/F, ir, size, hum, cuck)
Once They Go Black Once They Go Black (M+/F+, ir, best, slut, wife)
One Online Romance One Online Romance (M/F, rom, internet)
One Very Wild White Girl One Very Wild White Girl (M/f, size, ir, cons)
Operation Fuck Daddy Operation Fuck Daddy (M/f, inc, size, cons)
Pain Becomes Her Pain Becomes Her (M+F/F, pain, hum, cons)
Painful Pleasures Painful Pleasures (F+/ffm, b/d, cons)
Passion of a Wife Passion of a Wife (M+/F, wife, cheat, cuck)
Paying Their Debts Paying Their Debts (M+/F+, blackmail, anal)
Peeping Sister Peeping Sister (M+/ff, inc, teen, anal)
Perverted Little Angel Perverted Little Angel (f/m+, ped, size, best)
Perverted Uncle James Perverted Uncle James (M/Ff, inc, oral, cons)
Practicing on Sister Practicing on Sister (Mm/f, inc, ped, preg)
Pregging Little Amber Pregging Little Amber (M/f, inc, ped, size, preg)
Pregging Mother and Daughter Pregging Mother and Daughter (M/Ff, ir, nc, preg)
Prick Dreams Prick Dreams (M/f, teen, size, mast)
Prissy White Bitch Prissy White Bitch (M+/F, ir, size, cuck, preg)
Proper Wife Beating Proper Wife Beating (M+/F, gang, rape, viol)
Prostitute For a Wife Prostitute For a Wife (F/M+, size, cuck, cheating)
Pulling Her Panties Down Pulling Her Panties Down (M/f+, size, ped, cons)
Punished by Mother Punished by Mother (F/m, inc, spank)
Raging Pain Raging Pain (M+/FFf, rape, bd, pain)
Rampant Teen Sluts Rampant Teen Sluts (m+M/ff, size, voy, virgin, anal)
Rape and Roll Rape and Roll (M+/ff, rape, gang, best)
Rape Education Rape Education (M/F, rape, size)
Raped By Animals Raped By Animals (M+/F+, size, best, ir, rel)
Raped Cheerleader Raped Cheerleader (M+/f, ir, teen, rape, preg)
Raped to Death Raped to Death (m+/f+, inc, ped, rape, snuff)
Raping Bunny Langtry Raping Bunny Langtry (M+/FF, rape, anal, bi)
Raping the Drunk Teen Raping the Drunk Teen (M+/f, rape, anal)
Raping the Girl Next Door Raping the Girl Next Door (M/ff, rape, nc, size, virgin)
Raping the Minister's Daughter Raping the Minister's Daughter (M+/ff, virgin, nc, ir, size, preg?)
Raping the Schoolgirl Raping the Schoolgirl (M/f, ir, rape, anal)
Raping the Smart Babe Raping the Smart Babe (m+/F, teen, size, rape)
Raping the Teacher Raping the Teacher (mm/F, nc, rape)
Re-educating Sandra Re-educating Sandra (M+/f+, nc, teen, ped, size)
Rehabilitating the Parolees Rehabilitating the Parolees (M/F+, size, rel)
Relatively Beautiful Relatively Beautiful (M/F, teen, cons, inc)
Rematched Young Lovers Rematched Young Lovers (Mm/Ff, teen, rel, intergen)
Reset Reset (mm/f, ir, size, cuck, oral)
Righting a Wrong Righting a Wrong (M/F, ir, rape, preg)
Schoolgirl Takes a Hit Schoolgirl Takes a Hit (Mm/f+, pain, spank, bdsm)
Schooling the Boy Schooling the Boy (FFF/M, d/s, bi)
Seducing Mom and Sis Seducing Mom and Sis (Ff/m+M, inc, cheat, preg)
Seduction of Sister Seduction of Sister (M+/Ff, inc, oral, teen)
Servicing My Daddy Servicing My Daddy (M/f, inc, teen, cum, cons)
Servicing the Men Servicing the Men (MM/F, wife, slut)
Sex and the Mother Sex and the Mother (MM/Ff, inc, size, teen)
Sex Bomb Cheerleader Sex Bomb Cheerleader (Mm+/f, ped, cons, preg)
Sex Scandal at School Sex Scandal at School (M+/f, teen, size, gang, cons)
Sex-Starved Family Sex-Starved Family (Mm/Ff, size, cheat, inc)
Sexual Instrumentation Sexual Instrumentation (M+/F+, rape, size, anal)
Sexual Publicity Sexual Publicity (MM/F, voy, size, exhib)
Sexual Rescue Sexual Rescue (M+/F, size, swing, anal)
She Can Take It She Can Take It (M+/F+, ir, slut)
She Fucked the What? She Fucked the What? (F/M+, best, size)
She Got Blacked She Got Blacked (M/f, ir, nc, size, preg)
She Spreads for Them She Spreads for Them (M+/FFf, teen, gang, blackmail)
She Welcomed Rape She Welcomed Rape (M+F+/f, rape, bdsm, spank)
She's Likes Losing She's Likes Losing (M+/f, wife, slut, cuck)
Sick Animal Fuckers Sick Animal Fuckers (MF+, best, compulsion)
Sick Fucking Family Sick Fucking Family (m+/Ff, inc, size, anal)
Sister Sucks Sister Sucks (Mm/Ff, inc, teen, oral)
Sister's Incest Lessons Sister's Incest Lessons (F/m, inc, size, cons)
Sisters Join In Sisters Join In (M/ff, inc, size, cons)
Sisters Make Loving Fun Sisters Make Loving Fun (M/f+, ped, inc, preg)
Size Queen Slut Size Queen Slut (mm/FFf, slut, inc, size, anal)
Size Ten Please Size Ten Please (MM/F, size, ir, wife, cons)
Skin-deep Scandal Skin-deep Scandal (M+/F+, cheat, swap, size)
Slave By the Pond Slave By the Pond (M/F, ir, rape, size, preg)
Slut for Animals Slut for Animals (F/M, best, size)
Sluts for Daughters Sluts for Daughters (Mm+/ff, inc, size, teen)
Sneaky Sister Sneaky Sister (Mm/f, inc, size, cons)
Sodomizing Her Son Sodomizing Her Son (m/FFf, teen, inc, ws, anal)
Son Takes a Bath Son Takes a Bath (F/m, inc, cons)
Sowing Her Oats Sowing Her Oats (M+/Ff, teen, lez, size, anal)
Splitting Hairs Splitting Hairs (M+/FFf, size, blackmail)
Starting Young Starting Young (M/f, teen, ped, size)
Stealing Sister's Husband Stealing Sister's Husband (M+/Ff, teen, inc, size)
Stepping Over the Line Stepping Over the Line (MM/FF, fantasy, swap)
Stolen Innocence Stolen Innocence (M+/F, whore, size, anal, cons)
Storybook Dreams Storybook Dreams (M/ff, ped, cons)
Stud Finder Stud Finder (M+/F, size, cuck)
Student-Teacher Interaction Student-Teacher Interaction (m+/F, reluc, size)
Such a Cock Whore Such a Cock Whore (Mm+/F, best, size, anal)
Such a Tease Such a Tease (MM/FF, swap, size, cons)
Taking Daddy's Sperm Taking Daddy's Sperm (M/f, ped, inc, cons)
Tale of the Tape Tale of the Tape (TRUE, Mm+/f+, size, preg)
Taming the Girls Taming the Girls (M/FFf, best, inc, cons, cum)
Teacher Fuckers Teacher Fuckers (Mmm/F, best, size, cons)
Teaching Her to Behave Teaching Her to Behave (M+/f+, inc, teen, nc)
Teaching Mom a Lesson Teaching Mom a Lesson (MM/FFf, rape, size, inc)
Teaching My Son Teaching My Son (F/m, inc, size, preg)
Tearing Her Up Tearing Her Up (MF/mf, nc, fist, gang)
Teen Farmgirl Nymphet Teen Farmgirl Nymphet (Mm+/ff, teen, ws, oral, size)
Teen Orgies Teen Orgies (M+/f+, size, teen, inc)
Teen Sex Obsessions Teen Sex Obsessions (M+/Ff+, inc, anal, oral)
Teen Whores for Horses Teen Whores for Horses (f+, best, teen, 1st)
Teenaged Curiosities Teenaged Curiosities (Mm+/f, inc, teen, ped)
The Big Setup The Big Setup (M+/F+, rape, blackmail)
The Black Breeders Club The Black Breeders Club (M+/Ff+, ir, size, preg, cuck)
The Bride's Best Man The Bride's Best Man (M+/F, ir, size, cuck, preg)
The Courtship of Kysa The Courtship of Kysa (ff/M, hum, cuck, tease)
The Fucking Family The Fucking Family (Mm/Fff, inc, oral, anal)
The Girls' Club The Girls' Club (M/f, teen, size, cum)
The Good Father The Good Father (M/f, inc, ped, cons, preg)
The Hellion Bridesmaid The Hellion Bridesmaid (M+/FF, inc, size, slut)
The Help was Hung The Help was Hung (M+/F, size, cheat, 1st)
The Ladies Prefer Black The Ladies Prefer Black (M/FFF, ir, size)
The Lover Next Door The Lover Next Door (M+/F+, cheat, rom, size)
The Lure of Anonymous Sex The Lure of Anonymous Sex (M/F, cons)
The Neighbors' Vanity The Neighbors' Vanity (M+/F+, size, ream, anal, swap)
The Perfect Rape The Perfect Rape (M+/F, ir, anal, size, nc, preg?)
The Pleasures of Twins The Pleasures of Twins (Mm/Fff, inc, size, teen)
The Second Lover The Second Lover (MM/F, cheat, wife, cons)
The Shapely Panty Model The Shapely Panty Model (M+/FF, size, sm, breast size)
The Sisters Double Up The Sisters Double Up (ff/m+, teen, size, best)
The Stepfather Raped Her The Stepfather Raped Her (M+/f, inc, ir, size, rape)
The Stud Always Cums Twice The Stud Always Cums Twice (M/F, ir, size, preg, cuck)
The Sweetest Revenge The Sweetest Revenge (M+/F, nc, hum, rape)
The Teen Likes It The Teen Likes It (M+/f+, inc, teen, size)
The Truth About Girls The Truth About Girls (f/m+, exhib, oral)
The Way of All Flesh The Way of All Flesh (M+/F, size, oral, anal, bd)
The Whore in Her The Whore in Her (F/M+, inc, gang, slut)
The Wife Confesses The Wife Confesses (MM/F, ir, size, cuck preg)
The Wife Gets Auctioned The Wife Gets Auctioned (M+/F, ir, nc, size)
Then Came Him Then Came Him (M+/F, size, cheat, anal)
There Is No God There Is No God (M+/f, ped, rape, preg)
They Raped the Daughter They Raped the Daughter (M+/Ff, inc, best, nc, preg)
Those Were the Days Those Were the Days (M/F, wife, cheat)
Thoughts of a Sleepy Wife Thoughts of a Sleepy Wife (F/Mm+, cuck, lac, size, verity)
Three Girls and a Horse Three Girls and a Horse (FFf/best, virgin, inc, lez, anal)
Three-way Whipping Three-way Whipping (Ff/M, spank, cons, pain)
Tight Small One Tight Small One (M/f, ped, size, cons)
Tiny Girl, Big Horse Tiny Girl, Big Horse (M/f, best, teen, inc, anal)
To Catch a Rapist To Catch a Rapist (M+/F+, bi, rape, size)
Too Young to Fuck Too Young to Fuck (M+/f, ped, preg?)
Trained with Pain Trained with Pain (M+/Ff, blackmail, pain)
Trans-Sexuality Trans-Sexuality (MFf, tg, inc, teen, orgy)
Tricking My Uncle Tricking My Uncle (M/f, size, teen, inc)
Tricking the Pre-teen Tricking the Pre-teen (M/Ff, inc, ped, preg)
Trying Young Trying Young (M/f, ped, anal, 1st)
Tunnel of Love Tunnel of Love (M+/Ff, teen, inc, anal)
Twins for My Baby Twins for My Baby (M/f, ped, inc, preg)
Twisted Daughter Twisted Daughter (M/f, inc, bi, size, anal, rape)
Twisted Niece Twisted Niece (M/f, inc, ws, teen, cons)
Unnatural Abuse Unnatural Abuse (Mm+/f+, ped, nc, preg)
Violated Virgin Violated Virgin (M+/Ff, teen, virgin, rape)
Virgin Turned Slut for Horses Virgin Turned Slut for Horses (F, best, cum, size)
Waiting to be Sixteen Waiting to be Sixteen (M/f, ped, inc, cons, preg)
Watcher Husbands Watcher Husbands (M+/F, cuck, exhib, cons)
What Should Never Be What Should Never Be (M+/F+, reluc, blackmail, best)
Whatever It Takes Whatever It Takes (MM/F, ir, wife, nc)
When the Wife's Away When the Wife's Away (M+/F, wife, cheat, slut)
White Wife with a Black Baby White Wife with a Black Baby (M+/F, size, ir, cuck, pain)
Whore for Big Black Whore for Big Black (MM/FF, inter, size, wife)
Whore Wife on the Side Whore Wife on the Side (M+/F, cuck, slut)
Whoring the Daughter Whoring the Daughter (Mm+/f, teen, inc, best)
Wicked Master Wicked Master (M+/FF, size, branding, anal)
Wife is Hot for Black Wife is Hot for Black (M/F, ir, size, cons, wife)
Wife Needs a Real Man Wife Needs a Real Man (MM/Ff, size, wife, anal)
Wife Suck-ceeds Wife Suck-ceeds (M+/F, wife, slut)
Wife Whores It Around Wife Whores It Around (M+/FF, reluc, size, slut)
Wife's Hung Lover Wife's Hung Lover (MM/F, cuck, size, preg)
Wild Fucking Teens Wild Fucking Teens (M+/ff, teen, rape, size)
Wrong Man at the Wrong Time Wrong Man at the Wrong Time (M/Ff, ir, lez, size, preg)
Young Girls Inside Out Young Girls Inside Out (Mm/ff, inc, ped, preg, cons)
Young Meat Young Meat (Mm/Ff, inc, teen, size)
Young Slut Bride Young Slut Bride (M+/Ff, teen, inc, anal)
You're Never Too Young You're Never Too Young (F/m+, wife, teen, preg)
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