A Sadistic Gang Rape
(M/F, nc, ir, size, preg)

by Kysa Braswell & Trent
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My name is Kysa Braswell. I'm 20 years old and have a nice body, 34DD-24-34 and weigh only 114-lbs. at 5'3. I got married to a wonderful man, Garrett a few months after high school, and took a job at a downtown insurance office in Kansas City. I worked late in the office on the 42nd floor, since the project was almost ready but had to be finished tonight for the meeting on Friday. One of the great advantages about being deaf is the ability to concentrate for extended periods without auditory distractions, so when a hand covered my mouth and I was pulled up out of my chair like a small child, I was naturally both startled and frightened.

The man holding me turned me around, and I saw two others, both tall black men wearing coveralls and nasty grins on their faces, stood on the other side of my desk. The taller of the two moved over to my purse and opened it; I assumed he was looking for money, but when the packet of pictures fell to the floor I realized I could be in more trouble than I first thought. He picked up the packet, and as he pulled the first picture out, a big grin spread across his face as he displayed it for the others.

"Look at this bros, this white boy has a real cock on him!"

It was a picture of me with my mouth wrapped around my husband's thick but small cock. I shouldn't have had it with me, but it was naughty, and I wanted to stare at it in privacy. He pulled the others out of the packet, which are just more pictures of me and my husband. He thumbed his way through the photos until he found the ones that I hoped he would miss.

"Well, well, isn't THIS a surprise, little 'Miss Prim and Proper' likes black cock, too."

He held up the set of photos of me sucking my black lover's cock, ones of me being fucked by him from behind, and my favorite picture of him cumming on my face and one of my mouth open but filled with my black lover's cum.

"Does your husband know you have a taste for black cock?"

But I didn't understand what he was saying, so I just shook my head no, suddenly aware of the sexual tension in the room, the man holding me has shifted his grip, his hands now covered both my breasts, slowly squeezing and kneading them, feeling my hardened nipples through the thin fabric of my blouse.

There was only one way out of this scene and that's the direct path - straight through their weakness for white girls. I dropped my right hand down between myself and the black giant holding my tits, feeling his throbbing hard cock under his trousers. I gasped, tracing the enormous length, feeling its thickness as he thrust his hips against my asscheeks. The others laughed as the look of disbelief mixed with lustful desire briefly appeared on my face.

"Looks like Carl has got another white girl with an itch between her legs for a serious blacking."

I felt the man behind me, Carl, who began to unbutton my blouse. I leaned back against him, enjoying the feel of his strong muscles and the incredibly long cock I was lightly stroking through his pants. The two men who watched me came closer. My blouse was soon on the floor and my heavy breasts were freed from the black lace bra by Carl's fingers slowly twisting and pulling on my fat nipples, his teeth nipping at my earlobes, his breath hot on my neck. I reached out to both men with my hands, deftly unzipping their pants and pulling their hard black cocks out, and moaned as my fingers slid up and down the bloated cockshafts, thrilled by the thickness of them, and longing to have them in my mouth and pussy, using me for their pleasure if for only one night.

A stray thought drifted through my lust-intoxicated mind. I'd been working so many extra hours for the last three weeks to finish the project, that I was not on any form of birth control! The last time I took a birth control pill was when I was just out of high school. That was almost two years ago. Fearful of the biological consequences of proceeding, I tried to sign my way out of the situation. Of course, they didn't understand ASL, so I asked them for a pause and wrote on a notepad on the desk:

"Listen, guys, if you'll only let me go tonight, I'll make it up to you somehow... I'll even meet you each one-on-one some night with a condom, of course. If that's all right?"

The tall man roughly scratched out on the notepad his reply: "No way, bitch. You done got our cocks hard, and you're getting this black meat inside you whether you want it or not - TONIGHT."

I tried the stupidest thing, not thinking I tried to kick one of the Negroes between the legs thinking it would be easy with his cock hanging so low. I did, but missed hitting his thigh instead. I tried to run toward the door as fast as I could, but was caught within two steps. Damn! Painfully lifted by both my swaying breasts by one of the studs who promptly dropped me onto the floor, and I fell to my knees in front of Terrence, who was sporting a massive hardon which hung just above my chin. Another Negro straightened me by the hair, positioning my face right in front his huge slab of fuckmeat hanging obscenely between his muscular black thighs.

He yelled, "Now, show a brother what you do best, goddamnit!" as if I could hear him, but I couldn't. I did understand though.

My eyes filled with tears of humiliation. I didn't want this, no matter how much I liked a little strange dark meat on the side of my marriage. This was completely unfair. I wondered how did it ever come to this, that I'm now reduced to a choice of being beaten and raped, or just raped without resisting! Making my choice after feeling another jerking tug of my hair, I pulled the heavy prick up to my lips and began to suck on the fat cockhead, which was already dripping with precum. It felt very slick on my tongue and lips. I massaged his precum over his foreskin and halfway down his immense shaft. I licked and slurped his nigger cock, and then cried out in pain as the jerk behind me pinched my right nipple extremely hard while pulling it downward several inches. Unbeknownst to him, the pain made me cringe, forcing me to clamp down on Terrence's big cock in my mouth, inadvertently hurting him.

"Goddamn, you motherfucker, watch it! This bitch is liable to bite my cock off you motherfucker if you do that shit again!" he screamed, retracted his cock momentarily.

I moaned in pain as the black man behind me returned to mauling and pulling my DD-cup breasts, bruising them terribly as I ministered to the fat cock in my mouth. Soon, I was forcibly switched to another hard black cock, and after a few minutes, I was rotated to the third man who inserted his fat shaft between my lips, but this last one pulled out and beat his long hard cock against my breasts, bruising them even further. God that hurt because he was so hard, and he was hitting my tits with his cock so hard that he seemed to use his cock like a billy club.

Once I had initially sucked each stud to a full hardon, one of them said, "All right, let's get this show started. Get this fucking whore on the desk and let's get some cock into her white belly."

Picked up by my arms and breasts and laid on a table, my thighs were spread-eagled and my sweetness exposed to the filthy hung Negroes.

Oh god, this can't be happening, I can't do this. I can't. I know I can't, or I'll get pregnant. I'm so fertile when I'm not on the pill, I thought.

The first black grabbed the top of my thighs and pulled my ass down to the edge of the desk, until my asscheeks slapped flat against his thighs. Then, reaching down between them, he pulled his massive black cock up and laid it between my legs and onto my belly. It stretched a good ways beyond my belly button.

"See how far it's got to go to hit bottom, fellas? She's about to receive all 'dis motherfuckin' black meat."

And as soon as he planted his wide cockhead at my entrance, he shoved almost 8-inches inside me on the first stroke. Jesus Christ, that hurt so much, it felt like he was shoved a treetrunk up inside me! I don't know if I made any sound of a grunt or a scream, but I screamed in my mind as the the hung Negro wasted no time on the second stroke, plowing into my precious folds, surely tearing my tight pussy open as he laid into me with the brutality of an animal in lust. Soon, he was pouring all ten inches of his fat black cock into me, forcing me to take his repeated and vicious hammering blows. My ripe breasts shook violently and my hair jostled back and forth as the only two sounds in the room had to be the loud slapping of his loins against my upturned asscheeks and the sound of my crying and moaning.

The first Negro fucked me for thirty long minutes as hard as he possibly could, as if trying to  impress the others with his amazing stamina. He impressed me, I can say that, but it hurt too much to think it about at the time. When the brute finally came, he shot his cum inside me for over a minute, leaving me sweaty and my womb drowning in his dark seed. I could feel the building pressure in my womb from all the cum he dumped inside me there. The Negro pulled out, walked over to the others, high-fived them, and congratulated himself on "teaching the white bitch how to fuck a black man."

After being given a sip of water, the next Negro flipped me over onto my stomach and took his place between my legs, and proceeded to do just as the first black had. That asshole raped me like a rag doll for another half hour only to blast another full load of dark seed inside my womb. I was crying like a little girl because this was not pleasurable in any way whatsoever; it just HURT!

By the time he pulled all of his big cock out of me, I had become really sore. My pussy was a sodden mess, with cum dripping and running down my thighs and calves, never having been fucked so hard or so thoroughly before. And never having fucked more than one man in a single night, I was not in shape to take on three hung brothers.

I was not only a mess, but a wreck. My hair was mussed, I glistened in sweat; tears had streaked my makeup, and my poor little pussy was completely stretched-out. How would my husband react to me being so big the next time he entered me, I wondered?

My cunt was a sloppy mess from the first two loads of cum poured into my womb, and my bush was also soaked in their cum. But when the last Negro came up to me and slid in almost ten inches on the first stroke, he knocked the breath out of me, forcing me to wheeze and gasp as if drowning. This caused the bastards to laugh at my struggling over his huge cock. I didn't find it funny at all! Realizing he was longer than the others, I tightened my thighs hard to keep him from penetrating too deeply, as when he banged my cervix, it was extremely painful and I cried out in gasping loud pathetic sobs. Every few minutes, he would pull out and whip my pussy lips with his cock, bruising and swelling them to even greater size.

I endured the last black man's punishing rape as he tore into my pussy and came for the longest time. As he pulled his giant cock out of me, I was sobbing uncontrollably. They had taken everything from me: my virtue, my dignity, and now my pussy would be ruined by their huge fuck stalks. Those asshole Negroes gathered around, noticing my pussy was full of their seed. Seeing it seep out and drip down my lips and asscheeks onto the floor, they were proud of their "accomplishment," as if men had any other purpose on the planet other than pour their potent seed into fertile girls' wombs. My poor little pussy looked almost ruined. Split wide, lips swollen, stretched, and my little slit gaped from being stretched so wide by their massive and cruel cocks. How come black guys have such big penises? It's unfair to girls, and they should get double-time when they rape a girl since it hurts a LOT more when a black man penetrates a girl.

I rolled over and pulled my knees to my chest, turned my head to look at them and continued crying from the brutal assault on my womb. I didn't know what else to do. So I cried. Each of them leaned over one by one and forced me to French-kiss them before they put on their clothes and left me there alone. That was as humiliating as the rape. I hated kissing their big ugly lips. Yet they thought they were SO sexy, kissing a white girl.

Five weeks later, I found out I was pregnant from the brutal attack. I was right about being fertile that night; a DNA test confirmed the baby's father was black. But then again, I was seeded not by one, but by three hung black studs who each planted their seed deep in my womb. As the months went by, every time I showered and toweled off, I was reminded of that fateful night. When I look in the mirror, gently circling my swollen belly with my hands, patting the black baby inside, and instead of being permanently repulsed, I somehow was very proud of the result; proud that I could become a mother. Despite trying for over a year with my husband, I could not get pregnant, but in one night with those potent men, I conceived a child. I had always wanted to be impregnated, but given my husband's only average size, I realized I'm glad I never did. I did not want to sire a son by him, since his cock was a mere five inches. What man would want to walk around with a cock so small? Not my son, if I had my way!

However, my husband, Garrett, found me out when a courier delivered a package of photos to his office one day. The photos showed me on my knees sucking three hung black studs in all sorts of poses. Apparently because I would not fuck them anymore past the eighth month of my pregnancy, they delivered on their blackmail. He has since started divorce proceedings against me for infidelity. He looks upon me with utter disdain and hate. He thinks that there was never really a rape, but rather I invited the whole sordid scene. Ashamed to be married to a woman who not only fucked black men behind his back, but was impregnated by them, he could not accept it. When I came clean and admitted everything, trying to explain that I was raped and blackmailed, he was neither convinced nor appeased. Against his will I decided to keep the baby, so given that choice, he wanted nothing ever to do with me except to show up in court and sign the final divorce papers.

Later that year I gave birth to a healthy 6-lb. 6 oz. black baby boy. My ex-husband didn't even go to the hospital to see the baby or me. The following year, though, he and I had semi-reconciled with him fucking me more often. I could barely feel his tiny cock inside me when we made love, but he kept calling me to go to functions and parties, so I guess he saw me as a convenient lay. He was unaware, however, that even at that time I was pregnant again... with a second black baby. How would he take it this time? I wasn't sure, but I knew I only wanted black men's babies, not his or any white man's from now on.

The End
Kysa Braswell
bestiality as in A Girl and Her Horse as well stories abc free sex stories
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