The Good Father
(M/f, inc, ped, cons, preg)

by Kysa Braswell

"See Melanie," I said; looking down at where the cum-dribbling head of my swollen 9-inch penis had vanished into the tight little hole between my 12-year old daughter's legs, "I told you it would fit." The tight ring of the child's pussy spasming around my prick almost had me filling the little girl's body full of incestuous sperm before I even got properly inside her.

"Oh!" said the little girl in surprise, as she felt the head of my prick slip inside her. Then, as she felt me slowly pushing in and out; slowly working by fractional inches to get even more cock buried inside her, "Is this really how you make a baby, Daddy?"

"Uhuh," I said. By now I had almost a third of my thick prick buried in my little girl's body. Something was blocking my way of getting farther inside her. "Only I've got to get it all the way up inside you," I said, "if you're really going to get pregnant when I squirt my sperm inside you."

"Do you have to Daddy?" she asked, plaintively. Melanie didn't pull away though; even though I could tell from her winces that it hurt a little, each time I pushed a little harder at her virginity. When I nodded, the little girl braced herself, and said, "It's okay, Daddy, I don't mind."

At her acquiescence, I grabbed my daughter by the hips and shoved hard. There was a moment's hesitation; and I felt an inner ring split around the head of my prick; before two more inches slid into my daughter's body.

"Ow!" said Melanie, but still didn't pull away. I was proud of my little girl. Melanie was the first virgin I ever fucked; but I knew it must hurt her more than she wanted to admit; as tears started rolling down her cute little face, while I rested with two-thirds of my penis inside her. "Is that it, Daddy?" she finally asked; looking down at where her father's fat prick was splitting her tight little cunny; once she got used to having me inside her.

"No," I said. "There's still more. But this won't hurt like that did; you'll just feel a little stuffed, all right?"

"Okay, Daddy." Melanie sniffled a little, then bravely pushed back, while I pushed in. One inch, and then another slid into my daughter's body, until her cunny lips were splayed around the base of my prick, and I knew my penis was leaking precum and sperm into my little girl's womb. "Are we 'doing it' now?" she asked.

"Uhuh," I said; sliding out about an inch; then sliding back in until once again I felt the little girl's cervix bumping against the head of my prick. "This is how you make a baby," I told her. "In a minute, Daddy is going to squirt his sperm inside you, so you'll know what it's like to make a baby... okay?"

"Okay, Daddy," sniffled the little girl. "If you say so... What's sperm?" By now Melanie was actually pushing back at me, as I slid first two, then three inches of thick prick in and out of her tight little hole.

"Cum," I said; enjoying the exquisite feel of my daughter's pussy sliding on and off my prick, "are little tiny things your father makes in a white liquid that comes out of his penis, and goes into a girl, so she can have a baby. In a minute, Daddy's going to squirt a lot of that white stuff right up inside you, so you'll know what it feels like."

"Oh," said Melanie. "Are you really going to make a baby in me Daddy?"

"Of course," I said, as if it was the most normal thing in the world for a man to impregnate his own 12-year old daughter. "How else are you going to learn what it feels like to have a baby, unless I do?" I asked her, as if it was the most reasonable question in the world. "Your mother told you I was supposed to teach you about sex, and where babies come from, didn't she?"

"Well yes but," said Melanie. For all of her being slightly unsure about the propriety of having her own father plant a baby in her cute little tummy, my little girl was starting to work just as hard as I was to force more and more of my thick prick up inside her hot little hole. I ran my hands up and down my daughter's body; massaging her breasts, and reveling in the silky-smooth feel of the little girl's skin, when I felt her smoothly rounded young tummy. Melanie worked herself into my caresses; enjoying the feel of my calloused hand stroking her skin almost as much as I did. By now my daughter had started to push back at me, each time I slid my prick all the way inside her. I knew the little girl was beginning to really like the feel of a man's prick stretching her tight little cunny, and after this first time, Melanie would probably be coming to me asking for repeats.

"Well," I said; chopping off her objections, "what better way to learn how babies are made, than by making one?" When Melanie didn't reply; just sighing as she felt my prick grow even thicker inside her tight little cunny, I knew I was home free.

"In a minute," I said; repeating my earlier warning, "Daddy is going to squirt the white stuff that makes babies right up inside your tummy, so you can feel what it's like to have a baby of your own."

"Okay, Daddy, if you say so." By now Melanie was panting, and her eyes were closed, as the little girl got closer and closer to something entirely new to her.

"So," I said; fighting back the urge to splatter my child's womb with hot sticky seed, before she knew what the nicest part of sex was, "when you feel Daddy squirting in you, I want you to squeeze my penis as hard as you can with your pussy... that way you'll get more of my sperm up inside you, and there'll be a better chance that we actually succeed, and make a baby in that cute little tummy of yours."

"Uh... Uh!" grunted the little girl, as she started working even harder to get my prick up inside her. I tried everything I could to keep from cumming. I wanted Melanie to have her first orgasm with a man's thick prick filling her womb with incestuous cum, not on her (or my) finger afterwards. I recited multiplication-tables... I imagined shit in the road... I tried my best not to remember it was my own little girl straining for orgasm around my fat 9-incher.

I put everything I had ever learned about having sex and control into NOT cumming. I knew I was losing it. I felt a weak spurt of sperm leave my prick, and knew if I relaxed for just a second, I would be filling the child's womb with her own father's baby, without her ever getting off. I was losing it!... Oh shit!

Only Melanie beat me to it. With a wail that it's a wonder the little girl's mother didn't hear, Melanie locked her ankles around my back, and slid her clasping little cunny on and off my prick so fast it's a wonder we both didn't get skin-burns. Only the sperm I had already left inside her, and her own arousal left Melanie too wet and slippery inside for us to get hurt... thank goodness.

You might think that having my little girl go into orgasm while I was right on the fuzzy-edge of filling her tight little pussy with my seed, would certainly put me over the edge. Only it had the opposite effect. The tight squeezes of my daughter's tight little hole were almost painful on my prick, and knowing the little girl was having her first orgasm with a man inside her was too interesting to me. The urge slowed in my prick, but I remained hard and let the little girl enjoy herself.

Only when Melanie had slowed down, and was just working herself on and off my prick in a somewhat dreamy state, did I start working for my release. Thankfully it didn't take too long; as sometimes after holding back like that would keep me from getting off for hours. This time, it was only two minutes.

"Unh, Ugh," I panted. "Here it comes Melanie," I groaned; as I felt the first thin trickle of seed squirt out of my penis and into the warm welcoming young belly of my little girl. The first trickle was almost immediately followed by a flood of thick white cum, as I did my best to breed my own daughter. "Daddy's making a baby in that cute little tummy of yours," I gasped, as I reveled in the wonderfully erotic sensation of thick hot sperm rippling though the tube on the bottom of my prick, before being injected in the tight little sleeve of the sexiest little girl in the whole world.

"Oh Daddy, do it," she groaned in response. I guess the thought of having her own father's baby was almost as exiting to my daughter, as it was to me. "Make a baby in my tummy, just like you do in Momma," she said.

That erotic thought was too much. I shook and spasmed inside my little girl's hole, until my balls ached from trying to piss more sperm inside the child that I didn't have. Finally my prick wilted; long after it had left every drop of seed I had, as far up in my daughter's tight little slit as it would go.

"There," I said finally, as my wilted prick slid out of the child with an obscene "slurp", to be followed by a river of thick white cream that showed just how much seed I had planted in the little girl's body, "now that is how babies are made!"

"Okay, Daddy," she sighed; seemingly just as sexually wrung out as I was. "Does that mean I'm going to have a baby now?" she asked.

I couldn't resist the temptation. "Possibly," I said, "but not likely. Usually, the man has to do it quite a few times, before they get lucky, and his baby starts to grow inside her tummy. We'll probably have to 'practice' quite a few times, before you get it right. Understand?"

"Oh," she said.

"Even if you do," I continued; greatly daring, but also looking ahead to the future, "we'll probably want to keep on doing this anyway... even after you have a baby. After all, I don't want you to get out of practice, once you learn how." I almost couldn't believe I heard those words come out of my own mouth. I waited breathlessly, to see if my daughter had bought it.

"Okay, Daddy," she replied; as if it didn't make any difference either way, with her. Still, I could tell my daughter was almost as interested in having me "practice making a baby in her" as I was. I almost giggled to myself at the obscene idea, as we cleaned up. Then, I told Melanie to be ready to "practice" each night, before she went to bed, starting tonight. That way, my sperm would soak into her womb during the night, and she would have a better chance of getting pregnant with my baby.

Melanie just nodded, as if she expected it.

"Well, did you?" asked my wife suspiciously. Marsha had palmed the job of teaching our daughters about sex off on me, as she was just too "shy and embarrassed" about such things, to talk sex with her own daughter. Right now, she wanted to know if I had fallen down on the job too.

"I taught her some of it," I sighed, as if it had been an onerous chore. (Tiring it had been; onerous, no.) "But there's still a lot she has to learn. I'll probably have to keep on teaching her for quite a while, until she learns it right. Got it?"

"Hmmph," said my wife, "Better you, than me."

I had to agree. "So for a while," I said, "I'll be giving Melanie lessons every night, before she goes to bed." I thought a bit, then added; greatly daring, "If you want to help me show her some of the parts about women, then you could help too."

"If you think I am going to bare my body in front of our daughter and teach her about sex, you're out of your mind," said my wife. "You can do it with your body, if you want," she snickered at the thought, "but don't count me in. If you need to show her how various parts of the female body work, then use her body, not mine! After all, she's a woman too, you know."

"Yes Dear," I said. This set of instructions I was going to follow to the letter.

"Just don't disturb me, when you do it," she said. "I'll be at the other end of the house, so don't bother me, okay?" MY wife waited for my nod to continue, "And John?... Make sure you teach her where babies come from, and how they are made. We don't want our daughter getting pregnant by accident, or because she doesn't know what's happening. So I want you to make sure Melanie knows exactly what happens, and how it's done."

"Yes Dear," I said; barely suppressing a smirk. "I've started doing that already, and will be teaching her some more tonight."

"See that you do," said Marsha. "And make sure that I don't have to listen in, while you do, all right?"

"Yes Dear." I couldn't believe my wife had made things that easy for me. If she only knew....

I was just about to head back to my room; grinning happily now that my wife had just made it incredibly easy for me to fuck and suck our sexy young daughter without her even knowing it. If (when) our little girl got pregnant, I would face that problem then. If I was lucky, in about two years our second daughter would be old enough for me to teach her, "How to make a baby" with her own father. Marsha stopped me.

"John?" she said, just as I was about to leave.

"Uh?" I said. I knew my wife was about to add the "kicker." I had been married to Marsha long enough to know that she always had one last instruction, that usually was more trouble than all the earlier ones. I wondered what else she wanted to say... Jennifer was still too young yet, so it couldn't be that... It wasn't... quite.

"Melanie's period was just last week," she said; picking up her paper and leaving, "so you've only got a week or so, if you're intending to get that little girl pregnant before Christmas... If I were you, I wouldn't be waiting until tonight." My wife's voice came trailing back to me, as she vanished into the other room. "If you really try, maybe you can father two or possibly even three kids on Melanie over the next couple of years, so her little sister can see what's going to happen to her, when it's time for you to teach Jennifer, 'How to make a baby with Daddy.' You realize you don't have a lot of time to spare; as Melanie had her first period when she was just a few months older than Jenny is now."

My mouth was gaping, as Marsha left without waiting for a response. Which was good, because for once I didn't have a thing to say.

The End
Kysa Braswell
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